Björkliden project is located in the municipality of Närpiö and consists of 7 wind turbines. Land use plan and building permits are in force.

Björkliden and Hedet projects are located close to each other.

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Björkliden Master Plan


- Municipality: Närpiö

- Number of WTGs: 7

- Total height: 210 m

Download land use plan

Björkliden Kaavakartta


PDF, Data size: 3.25 MB -

Björkliden entered into a power purchase agreement of 30 MW with Equinix


According to the agreement signed at the end of December 2021, Equinix will purchase 85 percent of the green energy and certificates of origin produced by the Björkliden wind farm owned by Prokon and Neoen. The innovative power purchase agreement with Equinix continues for 10 years and is partially tied to market prices.

The appeal against the Land Use Plan was rejected


Vasa Administrative Court has on October 18, 2018 rejected the appeal against Björkliden Land Use Plan. The Land Use Plan has entered into legal force and therefore also the construction restrictions on the building permits have been lifted.

Building permits for Björkliden-Hedet wind farm


Building permits for 18 wind turbines in Hedet wind farm and 7 wind turbines in Björkliden wind farm gained legal force on April 25, 2017. The building permits for Björkliden are restricted till the land use plan for Björkliden wind farm gain legal force.